Rooftops (1882)

In July 1882, Vincent moved to a larger attic apartment in Den Haag. To his brother Theo he wrote:
‘For a painter the location is perfect. The view from the attic window is fascinating’.
In this watercolour Vincent painted this fascinating view. He was making remarkable progress, for he hoped to have ready a number of accomplished watercolours with which to impress Theo, who was planning to visit him in August.

Vincent wrote to his brother: ‘Those I have done now are simply to show you that my studying drawing, correct perspective and proportions, helps me make progress in watercolours…. They are landscapes with complicated perspective, very difficult to draw, but for that reason there is a real Dutch character and sentiment in them… The drawing is no less conscientious; but in addition these have colour – the soft green of the meadow contrasting with the red tile roof, the light in the sky contrasting more strongly with the somber tones of the foreground….’